Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Holy crap. Finally had the chance to really read some of Mythic Adventures after snapping it up at Gen Con and it is AWESOME.

I was afraid that it was just going to be a heavily altered version of 4e D&D in an attempt to appeal to those whose favorite system is on the way out. And while these mechanics can indeed appeal to the folks who want to play a mega-badass right out the gate, it is certainly not an either/or situation.

You don't need to run a full blown "mythic campaign" to use this book. Here's a quick overview of what I found -

Mythic characters mostly start off as average PCs (or villains) who do something awesome or come into contact with something awesome that gives them a moment of "ascension". Blammo! Welcome to Mythic tier 1. Have your cool new Mythic feat and host of spiffy new abilities. You are now probably more badass than someone who is a regular level higher than you are. Maybe even two!

Gaining Mythic tiers isn't something that happens automatically as you level up, though. Instead, the GM has to put "trials" in front of you. The first bump up a tier is one trial, then the next is two trials, and two more after that on to the next, then three, and so on. Every time you go up a tier you get some new cool stuff, and it can go all the way to tier level 10, when you pretty much become the Highlander.

The book also has Mythic versions of monsters that run the gamut from low to "holy crap" CRs. All of these are challenging and interesting spins on things that the PCs may think that they've got totally figured out, but their new abilities all gel with the theme of the base creature to the point where it feels like a natural extension.

I.E., a mythic Bone Devil has an ability that directly attacks the skeleton of anybody who messes with them. NEAT!

One thing that I love about this is that the mythic progression is VERY story driven. A GM -could- just say "wow that was a hard fight. Here you go - have a mythic tier", but you're really encouraged to make each step along that path a major Thing all its own.

I really encourage you guys to check this book out.

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